Research identifies the top success factors from a range of 50 different actions.


There’s no end of advice on the net about must-have tools for leadership development. But what really makes a difference. It is not having a massive investment in data analytics, nor is it gamification, nor having the best app in town – customized for your organisation.

The answers are as simple as they are obvious. Recent research of over 500 CEOs and senior executives had these 3 actions at the top of the list:
- Focus on the leadership behaviours that will be most important for better performance.
- Use the same leadership model across the organisation. Use different models in different countries or divisions creates confusion and competition, not clarity.
- Use a system that pushes leaders to use the behaviours they have learn.

You can easily audit your leadership development initiatives by asking yourself the questions that flow logically from these three insights. To kick-start your audit:
What are the leadership behaviours we will need? To what extent do HR and the top executive team have a dialogue about the type of leaders they need? How are these behaviours visible in the organisation? How do we measure them? What is our leadership model? In what ways are we living, i.e. role-modelling, these behaviours – from the top executive team down? How else do we motivate leaders to use the appropriate behaviours?

We don’t arrive at the leadership model, competencies and behaviours by having HR guess what they are. It is an ongoing dialogue between the Board and the HR function, pulling on the insights and expertise that both parties have.