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Successful Client Projects

  • This client company was suffering from a dramatic decrease in sales and market share.
  • There had also been changes in key management positions at the top and employee redundancies.
  • The main challenge was the sales process. It was unclear and uncoordinated.
  • As a result, customer service was suffering. Internal conflicts were also getting out of control.
Business Results:
  • Customer satisfaction has doubled. Customer complaints have fallen almost to zero.
  • Sales are up, because employees are more proactive in taking care of customer needs.
  • Internal conflicts between staff have largely disappeared.
Achieved by:
  • Coaching the senior team to create a newly unified leadership team.
  • A series of connected workshops and coaching for 50 key people. The aim: to get full alignment in the sales and order-fulfilment processes.
  • This included the implementation of a proactive approach to customer service.
  • A newly-formed business unit with a clear structure and systems – on paper.
  • In reality, the daily work processes were unclear and confused.
  • Internal information flows were hindering instead of helping employees.
  • Employees felt totally unable to control their time.
  • Employee motivation and engagement was too low and going down.
  • The business unit’s effectiveness was below par.
Business Results:
  • Efficiency has risen, because information flows have improved.
  • Individual, team and departmental goals are aligned.
  • Employee engagement has increased, as measured by the annual employee surveys
  • Employees prioritise their time more clearly.
Achieved by:
  • A series of connected workshops and coaching for over 100 mid-level people.
  • Convincing a critical mass of people to adopt new ways of working together.
  • Consistent follow-up with individuals and groups to support the implementation.
  • The company was about to launch a new drug in Europe.
  • This was part of a global rollout for this drug.
  • The marketing in Europe had fallen way behind the planned schedule, threatening to delay the launch and, potentially, lead to a large-scale loss of sales.
Business Results:
  • On-time launch of the new drug in Europe.
  • This drug is a big commercial success. Sales are higher than expectations.
  • More robust relationships between two internal company functions: medical and marketing.
  • This relationship was vital to successfully launch the new drug.
Achieved by:
  • Designing a customized tool to measure executive performance regarding the product launch project.
  • One-to-one executive coaching sessions to get the marketing initiative back on track by targeting 80 key alliance partners and influential medics.
  • Establishing clear roles and accountabilities for a core team to complete the successful product launch.
  • A plan to sharply increase efficiency and productivity across the whole organization had been initiated.
  • The biggest challenge at the start was to also maintain quality.
  • The group responsible for ensuring high-quality standards suffered from poor interaction and co-ordination.
Business Results:
  • Three strategic priorities for high-quality decision-making have been established.
  • With clearer priorities, employee productivity has continued to increased significantly.
  • Individual mindsets have developed from working in a group where "I am the best" to a team where "We are the best".
  • The group’s reputation with internal stakeholders has risen.
Achieved by:
  • A series of interviews and focus groups to review the group’s role and challenges.
  • Off-site meetings, briefings and coaching to address the gap between the current reality and future state.
  • Continuing interaction and advisory support to ensure implementation.
  • A large team wanted to improve their customer-supplier relationship.
  • The team had no unified way of serving the customer.
  • It did have isolated examples of successful co-operation, but not enough.
  • Little understanding of what made their customer profitable and successful.
Business Results:
  • In less than a year the team moved up and was awarded “preferred supplier” status by the customer.
  • The new rating makes it easier to sell new product designs to the customer.
  • Better, more co-operative supplier-customer relationships.
  • Higher motivation for everyone in the large team.
Achieved by:
  • Interviews and briefings to assess the reality of their situation.
  • Development of a customized six-month program, with a series of connected workshops for the whole team.
  • Plus, targeted support for the whole team to ensure full implementation.

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Client Testimonials

You have brought a direct positive impact on our sales… because people work more customer-oriented. Our efficiency levels... are continuously growing.

AL Managing Director

Leading this product launch has taught me to be effective doing what I find naturally easiest – using trust and supporting people each step of the way. It augments my chances of making sure future product launches are as successful as this one.

MN Vice Director - Medical Marketing Europe

This process allowed people to re-appraise how this [senior team of managers] group was functioning or, rather, not functioning correctly. The tendency for each member of our group to see himself as an isolated beacon of excellence – which acted against the vital need for cooperation between members – were eased and communication is already becoming more 'normalised'.

RS Senior Director

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