Steven Hunt

Change comes down to three fundamental factors: awareness, motivation and competence.

My skill is getting people to open up about their daily reality at work, motivate them and give them better, pragmatic processes and tools to work with.

So what qualifies me to do this? Here are five useful facts for you to know about me:

  • I am qualified in psychology. My particular interest is the concept of positive patterns of behaviour – and how to avoid destructive behaviours. I quickly assess what makes an organization, business unit, team or individual successful and share that insight with you.
  • I have a background in finance and management. I understand the connection between our initiative and the key performance indicators that you use to measure progress.
  • I am a group facilitation expert. That is, an expert in making sure everyone has a voice that is heard and understood, while continuously moving the group towards its objectives. This is rarely a linear progression, but we always achieve our aims.
  • Like you, I work internationally. I know what it is like to manage a strategic initiative or project when distance and different time zones are involved. For international executives, leading in this environment creates a unique set of challenges which mono-cultural managers and consultants find hard to deal with.
  • I speak three languages(and learning those was hard enough!). Many global executives are leading people in their second language – English. This creates its own challenges. The solution is to keep it “effective and simple” to overcome the intercultural challenges and avoid the traps.

Psychology, finance, facilitation and international experience – it is this unique combination of competences which fits the challenges that my clients face in their work.

Alesco Development

Alesco Development is an extended group of five experts based in Munich, Düsseldorf and London. Like me, they are qualified to coach executives and have been consulting to senior managers for a many years. They include ex-board members.

Together we offer expertise in executive development, sales, marketing, HR and other functional areas – and all have at least 20 years behind us in consulting and coaching.